About Us

Welcome to Better Than Your Last!

This brand was created by Jordan Dixon in Oakville, Ontario, during the year 2023. Jordan focused her energy into creating a women-owned athleisure apparel brand that creates clothing specifically to be the ultimate comfort for any occasion. From the plush fabrics to different, unique designs, Better Than Your Last focuses on making items that makes women feel comfortable and confident in. 

Jordan combined her love for fitness and helping others with the experience of trying all different brands and fabrics, to create the most high-quality, comfortable pieces made for every body. She wanted to make sure every single woman who put on a piece launched from Better Than Your Last felt truly comfortable with themselves and love the feel of the fabric. Remember that you can always do something, create something, or be something Better Than Your Last. 

“I want Better Than Your Last to be a reflection of my own style and be dedicated to the appreciation of comfort and confidence. I have designed each piece with the goal in mind of truly being your go-to fit whenever you want to feel your best. I am passionate about quality, attention to detail and wearability. Wear your favourite Better Than Your Last pieces to the gym, on your hot girl walk, to the grocery store, picking up your fave coffee, or just chilling at home. I created this brand to motivate women to believe in themselves no matter what part of life they are in and to remind them that they can always achieve something better than their last - workout, business, relationship, friendship, etc.”